Lesson 14 – New and Powerful SEO Strategy for Your Site

The other week, I told you about a new site that we’re developing to increase our exposure in the raw food diet niche since our eatingforenergy.ca has been in the Google sandbox. You can see it here:


And today, I want to share a slightly new and revised SEO strategy I’m using thanks to the brains of my SEO wiz, Rick Porter.

We will also be using this strategy on ALL of our blogs/sites for our major keywords and I would suggest that you do the same.


Because Google is a bit of dictatorship and when they make changes you better be up to speed otherwise your site could literally disappear.

As of this writing, Google wants to see the following:

1. Unique and fresh content

2. Content (not ads or banners) “above the fold”

3. Activity on your site (ie. weekly content at the minimum, comments, FB shares, etc…)

And obviously LINKS pointing back to your site with relevant anchor text.

Because of the above, using a wordpress blog is a highly recommended. Just make sure you upgrade wordpress and plugins to the most up-to-date version otherwise you’ll be vulnerable to hackers.

Anyways, let’s get to the goods…

Our SEO strategy essentially boils down to this:

1. Create a highly optimized blog post for ONE main keyword,

2. Create 4-5 supporting blog posts optimized for related long tail keywords to the main post,

3. Link each of the “sub blog posts” so that they all pass their link juice onto the next.

4. Within each blog post have ONE link to to your offer (sales page), ONE link to one of the related sub-blog posts, and ONE link to the main blog post for that main keyword.

I’ve attached a diagram to show you how this all this all works. In this picture, I’m using the keyword “cleansing diet” for our TotalWellnessCleanse.com site.

Once you’ve created your “mini-network” of highly optimized blog posts then you’ll want to drive links back to EACH of those blog posts using the anchor text related to each respective post.

So for a blog post with the URL www.yoursite.com/cleansing-diet-tips/ (as an example) you’d want links pointing back to your site with the anchor text “cleansing diet tips”.

Got it?

In the long run, this strategy is by far the most sustainable and successful method of ranking your site (and it’s pages) high in the search engines.

In fact, Rick showed me how he got ALL 10 listings on the 1st page of Google for one of his niche’s using the strategy. That’s crazy!

So let’s get to work!

Thanks again for all your help in spreading our programs to the masses. Together we WILL reach 10 million people by 2018.

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2 Responses to Lesson 14 – New and Powerful SEO Strategy for Your Site

  1. Lisa Paule says:

    Thank you for such a brilliant SEO strategy. I am definitely going to implement it today, will let you know how it goes.
    I am also trying to rebuild some of my blogs that lost their rankings, I am not sure if I ill be wasting my time but i guess i just cannot walk away without trying to revive them.

    Thanks once again

  2. Thanks for finally talking about > Lesson 14 – New and Powerful SEO Strategy for Your Site | Welcome!

    < Liked it!

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