Amazing Abs Solution

This is our newest 12-week “follow-along” video abdominal training program.

We will be launching it to the public via a 4-video week-long launch starting on MAY 24th, 2011, with the program going on sale from May 31 – June 2, 2011.

*Please do not mail out or promote the program before May 24th.


“What makes AAS different from other ‘abs’ programs?”

  1. NO sit-ups, which means the workouts don’t strain your lower
  2. Time efficient – the workouts only take 20-30 minutes.
  3. They involve almost no equipment (other than a stability and the odd dumbbell)
  4. They can be done anywhere.
  5. They are instantly downloadable to your computer or iPod so you can follow me step-by-step through the workouts.

Needless to say, our new Amazing Abs Solution is going to the BEST and SAFEST abdominal training program on the internet. No ridiculous sit-ups or ab gimmicks needed!

“How much does it cost?”

We will be pricing (initially) at $147 with an option for 2 x $79 payments as well.

“What’s my commission?

75% – as usual!

“What affiliate program is this hosted on and where do I get my affiliate links?”

AAS is hosted on our 1shoppingcart system and you can login to grab your specific affiliate links here:


Feel free to COPY these banners (by right clicking and “save as…” to your desktop)

LAUNCH EMAILS (use these now)

Use this emails for the launch between May 31st and June 2nd, 3011. I would recommend modifying these emails slightly to suit your own personality and writing style.

Send on Monday May 30th, 2011 @ 11:59pm

It’s about damn time!

I don’t know about you…

But thousands of people (including myself) are
super excited for the release of our good friend,
Yuri Elkaim’s brand new Amazing Abs Solution.

Well, good news….

Today is the day!

Grab the Amazing Abs Solution here <——– Special $100 discount for you!

Yes, that’s right. You read it correctly.

Yuri’s celebrating the release of his NEW
abdominal transformation program by giving you a
$100 OFF it’s “soon-to-be” regular price.

This special offer ends this Thursday June 2nd
and I would hurry so you can a head-start on
sculpting that sexy stomach right in time for the
warm weather.

After all, if you’re…

Tired of struggling with and feeling embarrassed
about your flabby stomach fat…

Finally ready to feel comfortable enough to wear
whatever you want at the beach or by the pool…

Then this is what you’ve been waiting for!

And if you want a set of quick workouts (and diet
plan) that can help you achieve these goals
without going to the gym, wasting hours out of
your life, or ridiculous things that produce no

Then the Amazing Abs Solution is for you!

I wouldn’t be telling you about this if I didn’t
think it was the best abs program on the market.

Get Amazing Abs TODAY! <———- Click here


P.S. Remember, your special $100 DISCOUNT ends in
less than 72 hours. Get the abs you’ve always
wanted – finally.

Great abs – done right <———– here’s how!


Send on Tuesday May 31th, 2011 @ 2:0opm

Ab Exercise for Upper AND Lower Abs?

Have you ever been told to do one ab exercise
(like sit-ups) for your upper abs and then
another exercise (like leg lifts) to hit your
lower abs?

Well, are those recommendations really valid?

Does it really work like that?

Well, apparently NOT.

Here’s what our friend and abs expert, Yuri
Elkaim had to say about this subject:

“The fallacy in these recommendations is that the
upper and lower abs that most people talk about -
that 8-pack muscle group called the Rectus
Abdominis – are innervated by the same nerves
(the “thoracoabdominal nerves”)!

So it’s physiologically impossible to train your
lower and upper abs separately.

The real trick is to focus on core exercises that
integrate ALL of the muscles in your core – not
just your 8-pack muscles – so that you develop
better strength, stability, and tone from the

Plus, by focusing on engaging all of your core
muscles you avoid the possibility of creating or
furthering muscular imbalances that can occur
with traditional ab crunches and endless sit-ups.”


How many other experts have told you that?
Probably none.

So let me ask you a question…

If other “experts” are not telling you this, what
else are they hiding from you?

Plenty. They don’t want you to know the right way
to train your abs because if you did, you’d never
have to buy another product from them again.

Plus, you’d probably know more than they do (you
probably already do!)

That little tip that Yuri just shared with us is
only a tiny fraction of the advice and expertise
you’ll get from him in his new Amazing Abs
Solution program. <—- GET IT HERE

And that’s not to mention the 12 revolutionary
abdominal workouts that you’ll be doing together.

I guarantee these “follow-along” video workouts
will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
They are quickly changing the way most people
(and other experts) are thinking about abdominal

And that’s part of the reason why Yuri’s been
taking so much heat from other people in the
industry…for exposing secrets like the one he
just shared with you and for showing you NEW and
BETTER ways of training your abs.

Yuri’s new ab workouts are like nothing you’ve
ever seen before and they’re producing amazing

If you want to finally feel great about yourself
(and your stomach) and want to have the
confidence to wear whatever you like, then now is
your chance to finally do something that actually
works: <—- Get $100 OFF

I wouldn’t miss this if I were you.


P.S. WARNING: If you follow Yuri’s Amazing Abs
Solution program, you’ll probably lose a couple
inches from your waist simply by having properly
trained those deep core muscles.

And let’s not forget about how much stronger your
abs will feel and the amount of belly fat you’ll
have shaved off!

Best abs and belly fat loss program ever! <———- Get it here


Send on Wednesday June 1st, 2011 @ 12:01am

Your abs questions answered!

I can’t believe how many people have already
picked up a copy of the NEW Amazing Abs Solution

Have you got yours?

I know you’re probably super excited but you
might have a few questions before diving in.

So here are some answers to many of the common
questions about Yuri’s Amazing Abs Solution

Q: How long is the AAS program?

A: It’s a 12-week program (featuring 12 different
workouts) strategically divided into 3 phases -

Each 4-week phase has a
specific focus to get you closer to the abs of
your dreams and each of the 12 workouts
progressively gets more challenging to meet your
new and improved fitness level.

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: The workouts range from 16 to 37 minutes. And
because Yuri does the workouts with you, the
longest workout (37 minutes) is due to the fact
that HE needed to take more rest to keep up.
Overall, the average workout time is 22 minutes.

He’s designed the workouts to produce phenomenal
results on their own, and in the shortest amount
of time possible.

They’re also short enough so that you can add
them to the end of any of your existing workouts.

Get Amazing Abs <—– And $100 OFF

Q: What if I’m already following another workout

A: As I just mentioned, the AAS workouts are
designed to produce great results by themselves
but if you’re a hardcore exerciser then you can
also do them at the end of any of your other

Q: What format are the workouts? How do I use

A: For the first time ever, the AAS workouts are
VIDEO “follow-along” workouts. That means that
you’ll have Yuri on the screen of your iPod,
iPhone, computer, etc…going through each and
every rep with you.

He instructs and motivates you each step of the
way so it’s like he’s right there with you.

You’re essentially doing the workouts together.
It’s a really great feeling and beats working out
on your own!

All of the workouts and bonuses of the Amazing
Abs Solution program are DOWNLOADABLE.

Plus, this way you don’t have to wait 2-4 weeks
for you program to arrive. Instead, you can get
started within 2 minutes of ordering. And to make
your life even easier, Yuri also shows you how to
download everything and get your workouts loaded
onto your iPod or other device.

The video files are in MP4 format which is
compatible with all iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, and

Not only do you get the videos of each workout
but he’s also including the MP3 audio versions.

So, if like me, you rather just use an MP3 player
or iPod shuffle that has no video screen, you’ll
still get his step-by-step coaching through the
entire workout.

Q: Is there music behind Yuri’s voice during the

A: Nope. Not everyone likes the same music so
Yuri’s kept the music out and just focuses on
giving you the step-by-step coaching that you

Finally, Great Abs – Done Right! <—- And $100 OFF

Q: How are the AAS workouts different from other
abs workout programs?

A: The AAS workouts are specifically designed to
strengthen your core, sculpt your abs, and burn
more belly fat. And…without doing sit-ups, long
cardio, and other stupid exercises that make most
other abs workouts!

Each AAS exercise has been strategically placed
into exactly the right part of your workout to
yield maximum benefit. There’s no filler or
fluff. Simply results.

Q: Can I use the Amazing Abs Solution if I’m a

A: YES. Since each workout is based on what YOU
can do, anyone can feel successful doing these

Plus, the program starts off with the beginner in
mind as we focus on basic “foundation fixer”
exercises to build a strong core foundation.

Then, each week, as you get stronger and fitter,
the workouts get progressively tougher to
continually challenge your abs – making them even
stronger and more chiseled.

Get the abs you’ve always wanted <—- And $100 OFF

Q: What if I’m more advanced – will AAS still
work for me?

A: You better believe it. In each workout, Yuri
shows you ways to make the exercises more
challenging (or easier) to suit your specific
fitness level.

I guarantee you’ll find it perfectly challenging
for you.

Q: Can I use the AAS workout if I’m older or have
back problems?

A: Absolutely. If you have back problems I would
first consult with your doctor but as I’ve said
before, these workouts are back-friendly.

This is not your typical “let’s do a 1000 sit-ups
today” workout program. As such, 99% of the
exercises in the program are do-able by any age
group and by those whom sit-ups would not be

In fact, after just a few workouts your back will
feel stronger. One of the reasons for this is
that Yuri teaches you how to properly activate
your deep core muscles (which stabilize your
spine) and you also do numerous exercises which
strengthen your glutes – an integral component to
a healthy back.

So YES. If you are older, you can do these
workouts. And YES, if you have low back issues
(assuming you’re ok to exercise) you can enjoy
the Amazing Abs Solution as well.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the AAS program?

A: Yes, here it is. Yuri guarantees that if you
don’t use his Amazing Abs Solution program you’ll
continue to struggle with unwanted belly fat,
flabby love handles, and a mushy core.

In fact, he believes so much in what AAS will do
for you that it’s also backed by a LIFETIME “100%
Satisfaction” or your money back guarantee.

Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: I think the term investment is more
appropriate. Not only will you get stronger and
sexier abs, but the AAS abdominal training
program will keep you, your waistline, and your
lower back healthier.

If you’ve spent time at the doctor, chiropractor,
or other specialist, you’ll know just how much it
can cost if you or your body are damaged goods.

That’s why the cost of this program shouldn’t
even be important, especially if…

You’re really serious about losing ugly belly
fat, fitting into those slim-fitting clothes, and
feeling better about yourself.

Can you even put a price on that?

But if this is not for you, then that’s fine.

The AAS isn’t for those who are not really
committed to achieving their goals or those who
feel that what they’ve been doing up until now
will somehow produce overnight miracles.

If you don’t like Yuri or his proven approach to
getting great abs – that’s fine.

But please don’t use cost as an excuse. The
entire 12-week program costs less than spending
just 30 minutes with him on the phone, let alone
in person.

In fact, doing this AAS program with Yuri in
person would cost you more than $4,500.

More importantly though, you DESERVE this. I care
about you and I want you to feel great about

You SHOULD feel proud of your body. Isn’t that
worth it?

Time and time again, I’ve noticed that those who
succeed are those who “pay to play”. Free is
fine, up to a certain point. But there’s only so
much Yuri (and others) can give away for free.

Would you expect to train with a trainer (in
person) for free? I hope not.

Heck, wouldn’t you question his/her expertise if
they only charged $25/hour? I would.

Trainers are a dime a dozen but if you want the
best, then Yuri is here to help you.

There’s no accountability in free.

If you want the best of me (and the best for
you), then the Amazing Abs Solution should be a

Plus, you get $100 OFF when you get started
before tomorrow.

Get the Amazing Abs Solution <——– Click here



Send on Thursday June 2nd, 2011 @ 12:01am

The BEST Abs Diet

This week, I’ve been telling you about the new
Amazing Abs Solution program by my good friend,
Yuri Elkaim.

But one thing I forgot to mention is that not
only does the program provide you with the
quickest and most-resulted oriented abs workouts
(without dangerous sit-ups) I’ve ever seen but…

You also get step-by-step guidance on perhaps the
most important aspect of losing belly fat and
actually seeing your abs.

What is it?

What you eat. Your diet.

And that’s why Yuri is also giving you his 21-Day
“Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide as a FREE bonus when
you get started with the Amazing Abs Solution.

Get it here

The reason he’s giving you this Diet Guide is
because “abs are made in the kitchen”!

If you want to SEE your abs. If you want to lose
that extra layer of flab covering your soon-to-be
abs of steel, then you need to trim the fat.

And that’s where what you eat makes ALL THE

And don’t worry…he’s made the whole process as
easy as possible for you. You won’t have to think
about what to eat, when to eat it, or anything

He’s done all the hard work for you. Just follow
the plan and it’s GUARANTEED to yield outrageous
fat loss results in just 21 days or less!

And this is not just some random nutrition
add-on, but rather a full 82-page diet manual
that contains the following:

- your 21-Day Meal Plan (every meal planned out
for you)

- 60 Plant-Based Recipes (including “Fluffy
Banana Pancakes”, “The Shake”, and many others)

- Yuri’s proven 5-Day Caloric Cycling “formula”

- the Workout Nutrition Guide – showing you
exactly what to eat before and after your workouts

This Diet Guide could easily be sold on its own
for $77.

In fact, Yuri told me that he might just take it
off the table shortly and do just that because it
is so valuable and powerful at helping you
overcome the toughest part of losing belly fat.

Get it now for F.REE (while you still can)

The truth is that most other experts tell you to
deprive yourself of food in order to lose belly

I don’t believe you should have to do that. Neither
does Yuri.

I DO believe you should eat healthy (and Yuri
shows you how) because it’s not just about losing
weight but actually improving your health at the
same time, right?

And that’s one the reasons why I really believe
that Yuri’s fat loss accelerating Diet Guide is
so unique and powerful.

It shows you how to eat healthy – without being
fanatical – and it also allows a lot of
flexibility so that you can still incorporate
some of your favourite foods.

Ever wonder what to eat before and after your

Confused about the healthiest (and best) sources
of protein?

Don’t feel like counting calories?

When you should eat more?

When you should eat less?

How can you prevent your metabolism from hitting
a calorie-burning plateau?

Well, all that (and more) is taken care of for
you in the 21-Day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide.

As a holistic nutritionist and having worked with
tens of thousands of everyday people and
high-level athletes, you are essentially getting
the BEST of Yuri’s proven fat loss and
health-boosting approach to nutrition.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the proven 21-Day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide

Just one of the many GIFTS you get when you get
started with the Amazing Abs Solution program


P.S. Quick reminder…your $100 DISCOUNT is
expiring at midnight tonight (Thursday). Please
don’t miss it.

You wouldn’t want to wake up Friday morning
feeling terrible for having missed the one
opportunity you’ve been searching for. If you’re
embarrassed by your stomach and are tired of
putting your life on hold because of it, then
this is your chance to show your belly who is

Don’t you deserve this?



Send on Thursday June 2nd, 2011 @ 8:00pm – LAST CHANCE!

LAST CHANCE: Get great abs for the summer

Did you know that even if you have extra layers
of fat covering your abs, you can still get your
stomach in KILLER shape for summer in just a few
weeks from today?

My buddy Yuri Elkaim is giving you the BLUEPRINT
with his new 12-week Amazing Abs Solution.

BUT, the price is going up TONIGHT, and the $100
OFF special coming to an end.

[[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]] <——- LAST Chance to Save $100

The question you have to ask yourself is simple:

Do you want to FINALLY lose your love handles,
tone up your abs, and look and feel great this
summer (and beyond)?

If so, you’re not going to find a more strategic,
faster solution than this program.

It’s founded on SCIENCE and it’s strategically
designed to transform your belly – from where it
is today – to a sculpted work of art in less than
12 weeks.

In fact, you’ll most likely see and feel amazing
changes in your waistline and abs in less than 21


Well, other than the amazing “follow-along” abs
workouts you get with the program, Yuri is also
giving you 4 incredible bonuses to accelerate
your fat loss.

NOTE: Yuri shows you EXACTLY when to use the
following 3 interval workouts over the course of
the Amazing Abs Solution program.

BONUS #1 – Cycling Workout 1 – Interval Cardio

Boost your metabolism even further and burn more
fat with this 35-minute audio-guided interval
cardio wrokout for the bike. Yuri coaches you
over your headphones for maximum fat burning

BONUS #2 – Elliptical Workout 3 – Interval Cardio

Another great 32-minute audio-guided interval
workout (for the elliptical) in which Yuri
coaches you over headphones to further spike your
metabolism and burn additional fat.

BONUS #3 – Interval Training 33 – Bodyweight

Don’t have a cardio machine? No problemo. This
19-minute audio-guided interval workout involves
nothing other than bodyweight exercises.

BONUS #4 – 21-Day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide

This 82-page Diet Guide could be a program on
it’s own. But Yuri’s giving it to your for FREE
because of how important a proper diet is in
order to lose belly fat.

This is a truly revolutionary step-by-step fat
loss nutrition guide strategically designed to
accelerate belly fat loss in 21 days or less.

You’ll get 60 plant-based recipes, the 21-day
meal plan, your workout nutrition guide, and
Yuri’s proven 5-day caloric cycling formula for
rapid fat loss.

No gimmicks. No BS. Just results.

Get the 4 BONUSES and the Amazing Abs workouts <——- LAST Chance to Save $100

Oh, and if it doesn’t work for you? YOU GET YOUR
MONEY BACK. Your results are GUARANTEED, or you
get a refund.

Look your best in as little as 21 days from now.
Look HOT on the beach. Have the confidence that
radiates “sexiness” this summer.

This is your LAST chance to get in at $100 OFF,
and frankly, your last chance to decide what kind
of body you want to be showcasing this summer.

Go now:



P.S. I’d be very surprised if this isn’t the best
abs program you’ve ever used.

Just imagine where you could be in just a few
short weeks after losing several extra pounds of
belly fat and having sculpted abs that look great
and feel rock solid.

Imagine how you will feel as you easily slip on
those skinny jeans or that dress that *used* to
be too tight.

The possibilities are endless when you finally
use a program that actually works!

Lose Belly Fat and get Amazing Abs <——- LAST Chance



Note: you can also grab these email in your 1shoppingcart affiliate account with your affiliate links all ready to go here.

Send on Tuesday May 24th, 2011 @ 12:01am

NEW site – will this be banned?

This site could be banned at any moment: [AFFILIATE LINK]

Yes, I know this sounds crazy…but the reason I
say it is simple.

The information on this new site could bring the
entire abdominal training and belly fat loss
industry to its knees!

You can see it for yourself here: [AFFILIATE LINK]

But before you go there you should know that this
is NOT my website.

I don’t own it…but I do proudly stand by what
they’re doing.


Because they’re exposing all the lies and
nonsense that the abs and belly fat loss industry
has thrown in front of us for too long now.

It’s about time someone puts an end to it.

People like you deserve this information. And if
other so-called “abs experts” and ab product
companies want to ban this site, that proves that
what they’re sharing with you is the real deal.
(Why else would they want to keep this
information from us?)

Anyway – here’s the website everybody’s talking
about. These are the “good guys”: [AFFILIATE LINK]


P.S. I really did hear a rumour about this being
“flagged” because they want this information
being leaked out to people like us. If you want
to see what all the fuss is about, I’d go to the
site now. It might not be there tomorrow – who

Here it is: [AFFILIATE LINK]


Send on Wednesday May 25th, 2011 @ 12:01am

Did you see it?

Yesterday I told you about the new website that
other trainers, abs experts, and ab product
companies hope you never see.

Here it is: [AFFILIATE LINK]

Already, rumours are flying that Yuri (the owner
of the site and a friend of mine) has stepped on
more than a few toes and “they” are working to
get this information shut down!

Why do they want to stop him?

I think it’s because he’s finally EXPOSING the
truth about how to lose belly fat and get amazing

They don’t want you to know about the information
he shares with you in these 4 free new videos.

It’s all right here in black and white: [AFFILIATE LINK]

You need to understand that some of the most
popular ab products on the market THRIVE by
keeping this information from us. Bad that’s too
bad for them.

People like you deserve this information. And if
other so-called “abs experts” and ab product
companies want to ban this site, that proves that
what Yuri’s sharing with you is the real deal.
(Why else would they want to keep this
information from us?)

Anyway – here’s the site that everybody’s talking

DO NOT leave the site until you’ve registered
(for free) to watch Yuri’s 4 newest videos on
abdominal training and losing belly fat.

I’m telling you – this is going to blow your mind.


P.S. Since I know many people (and companies) in
this industry, I’ve heard that Yuri is really
stirring things up with his new information. Here

As soon as you watch these short videos, you’ll
see what all the fuss is about.


Send on Thursday May 26th, 2011 @ 12:01am

Why are they so angry??

Personal trainers, abs experts, and ab product
companies are apparently FURIOUS about this new


Because it shows people like you and me (people
who want results and not some hypey, gimmicky
nonsense) the TRUE secrets to losing belly fat
and getting amazing abs.

They don’t want you to know this stuff because it
would essentially put them out of business.

It’s no wonder Yuri is stirring things up BIG
TIME with these 4 new videos: [AFFILIATE

After all, if you know their secrets, you won’t
need to fall for any more of their late night
infomercial ploys or celebrity-endorsed nonsense.

Yuri put together these 4 new videos (that are
f.ree) because he’s sick and tired of seeing
people like us struggle with misinformation,
information overload, and utter confusion as to
how to really get amazing abs and burn belly fat.

In the first video, you’ll get to see some
amazing body transformations of people just like
you who have already been applying Yuri’s “flat
stomach” secrets – the ones that he’ll be sharing
with you on his new site.

Plus, he even shares his painful “abs” story that
motivated him more than ever to turn things

I know you’ll be amazed at how “real” people
(like you and me) are melting away their muffin
top, beating the bulge, and trimming their
tummies without using ridiculous infomercial
products, doing 1000 of sit-ups, spending all day
doing cardio, or depriving themselves of eating

The revolution has begun. Will you join us?

I’ve personally put this to the test and let me
tell you, they have a good reason to be concerned.

I tried many of the secrets that Yuri discusses
in his videos and I had no idea that getting
amazing abs has nothing to do with what we’ve
been led to believe!!!

Here’s the site again: [AFFILIATE LINK]

All I can say is I hope you get a chance to see
these 4 F.REE new video and discover the truth.


P.S. Looks like you and I are part of an
ever-growing group of REAL people who want the
truth about getting that flat, toned stomach.
Just this week, 8,327 “real people” have joined
Yuri’s revolution. Good to know we’re not alone. [AFFILIATE LINK]

Youtube Videos

Feel free to use these 4 abs-related videos on your blog to promote the Amazing Abs Solution:

(NOTE: Click on each link to grab the embed code from Youtube. Then post any of the videos on your blog with your affiliate link underneath the video player):

Remember, these videos are designed to get your traffic into the prelaunch so that they have access to all 4 training videos (NOTE: These are not the videos optins will be watching once inside the prelaunch funnel).

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