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Lesson 17 – The Importance of GREAT Content

Over the last few months, we’ve been using a lot of free reports and content-rich webinars to educate our list before even offering them anything to buy. And this strategy has been working like gangbusters. And I believe you should … Continue reading

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Lesson 15 – Playing Google’s Game

Last week, I told you about the new SEO strategy were taking with all of our sites. And in this week’s lesson I want to expand on a few points and show you how we’ve been doing. First off, I’m … Continue reading

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Lesson 9 – Another Great Way to Build Your Keyword List

Alright, check this out… I’ve put together another tutorial video which shows you the “how-to” of developing an amazing keyword list that you can use to develop content for you blog. What you’ll learn in this video could very well … Continue reading

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Lesson 6 – How Often Should You Post Content to Your Site or Blog?

Should you update your site or blog daily, weekly, monthly, or is there an ideal frequency for putting up new content on your site? That’s a very good question and there are really 2 lines of thought. The first one … Continue reading

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